Mobile Malware Analysis Part 4 – Intro to iOS Malware Detection

Welcome to Part 4 of the Mobile Malware Series. In this part we will cover what is iOS malware, its types, methods of gathering forensics information, as well as, taking a look at some interesting system files from the forensics perspective.

In the last couple of years iOS has became an interesting target for malware developers. iPhones generally have a lot of security measures built-in, and because of that they are an interesting target for malware developers. Additionally, a lot of high value individuals are using iPhones so it makes sense from the malware developers point of view to target them. Just like any other device, iPhones are not without flaws and it has been shown again and again that threat actors can indeed compromise the device and get what they want whether it is just for the purpose of stealing user information, surveillance or something else.