We provide a wide range of Cybersecurity services that can help you audit your product, infrastructure, teams or policies and adhere to compliance regulations and security best practices.

What We Offer

We provide a comprehensive suite of services that cater to all of your Cybersecurity needs.

Web Application Security Testing

Go beyond the traditional dynamic scanners and try out our custom expert Assessment services that tests the various idiosyncrasies and business logic cases missed by tools.

Mobile Application Security Testing

Organizations have an assumption that a web application tests cover everything related to their mobile counterparts. Our industry known experts can help dispel this myth.

Application Source Code Review

Different coding languages have different nuances. Go beyond the traditional automated scanners and try out our manual source code review service that guarantees zero false positive results.

Security Champions Program

Embedding application security into the software development life cycle is a significant challenge. Our consultants have decades of experience in designing Security Champion programs for Fortune 100 companies.

Network Security Assessment

Get an in-depth targeted security assessment of your Internet and Intranet facing networks using our in-depth proprietary network assessment methodology.

Security OnDemand Experts

Pressed for time to go live but are looking to get deep technical advise for hard security problems? Reach out to us for on-demand access to industry experts that can help you troubleshoot your use-case.

Regulatory Compliance

Our consultants are not looking to find errors and mistakes in your process; they are looking to see how your system functions, and the processes that could be added to make sure they meet their various regulatory needs.

M&A Security Advisory

Our Mergers & Acquisition advisory team can help you perform an assessment tailored to provide the most cost-efficient, high-value and focused security review to ensure you move quickly and achieve better synergy during a due diligence.

IoT And Embedded Security

Our IoT pentesting service goes beyond basic analysis and can test for vulnerabilities in embedded systems, medical devices, wearables, smart homes, and smart cities. We can also test IoT devices for vulnerabilities, ensuring security.


Please share with us the project requirements and the goals you want to achieve,  and one of our sales representatives will contact you within one business day.

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