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Security On-Demand Experts

We at 8kSec are a premier provider of qualified and vetted experts. Our services help clients solve the most difficult problems with the help of the world’s top 1% of independent experts. Whatever your cybersecurity problems are, our comprehensive list of ondemand experts can deliver the best expert to solve them quickly and efficiently.

From big data breaches to small website intrusions, cybercrime is on the rise. As our dependence on technology grows, so do the opportunities for criminals to exploit vulnerabilities in digital systems. Businesses of all sizes are at risk, and the costs of a breach can be devastating. With the right mix of people, processes and technology, businesses can develop a strong cybersecurity program that will help them to thwart attacks, detect and respond to incidents, and recover from a breach.

Our On-Demand experts can help businesses of all sizes to assess their risks, develop appropriate policies and procedures, and implement the latest technologies to protect your data and systems. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to help businesses to stay one step ahead of hackers.

Pressed for time to go live but are looking to get deep technical advise for hard security problems? Reach out to us for on-demand access to industry experts that can help you troubleshoot your use-case.



Our Senior Technical Partner will reach out to you to discuss the scope of work. They will walk you through the various services that would be suitable for your use case.


Our Senior Technical Partner will work with the 8kSec Head of Services to plan the best resource allocation for the specific engagement. You will receive a competitive quote, a detailed Statement of Work, and engagement timelines.


If you choose to decide to retain us for the project, our engagement manager will help share the logistical information related to the engagement. They will be your technical point of contact for the engagement and your liaison with our assigned pentest engineer.


For the duration of the pentest, we will share regular updates and point out high-risk issues as soon as they are found. A Final report will be generated with all the detailed steps to reproduce and mitigate the vulnerabilities found during the engagement.

Close Out

Our 8kSec Engagement manager will co-ordinate a debrief call where the pentest engineer will share the findings from the engagement and answer any questions you might have.