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Private Trainings​

Training Details

  • Training Length – 2 or 3 Days
  • Venue – Virtual / On-Site 

 What Will Students Learn

  • Reverse engineering iOS binaries (Apps and system binaries)
  • Symbolicate the kernel and reverse engineer Kernel extensions
  • Understand the attack surface in iOS both in Userland and Kernel mode
  • Learn about the different security mitigations in Userland and the XNU Kernel
  • Learn how code signing and sandboxing works in iOS
  • Learn about the different IPC mechanisms in iOS (Mach, XPC etc)
  • Get an in-depth understanding of the ARM64 instruction set
  • Get an intro to common bug various bug categories on iOS
  • Learn how to audit iOS apps for security vulnerabilities
  • Understand and bypass anti-debugging and obfuscation techniques
  • Learn manual and automated ways of bypassing exploit mitigations
  • Get a detailed walkthrough on using Ghidra, Hopper, Frida, etc

Course Description

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the internals of iOS and its
security features through the use of hands-on labs. The course will cover topics such as the iOS operating system architecture, memory management, application sandboxing, IPC such as Mach and XPC, code signing etc. Students will learn the fundamental concepts and tools used in reverse engineering, including static and dynamic analysis techniques, as well as various debugging and disassembly tools. Students will learn how to use Frida, a dynamic instrumentation framework for reverse engineering and dynamic analysis of mobile applications. We will also discuss advanced topics such as hooking, memory manipulation, and instrumenting network communication. This course will also discuss the tools and techniques used for analyzing iOS malware. They will also gain a comprehensive understanding of the attack surface in iOS, both in Userland and Kernel mode, as well as the different security mitigations in Userland and the XNU Kernel. They will also receive an in-depth understanding of the ARM64 instruction set and an introduction to common bug categories on iOS. The course will also cover auditing iOS apps for security vulnerabilities, including how to bypass anti-debugging and obfuscation techniques.

This course will be a mix of lectures, practical labs, and projects designed to give students hands-on experience with iOS internals and application security. Students will gain the skills needed to reverse engineer, design, develop, and secure iOS applications. Slides, Custom scripts, Videos, VM, and detailed documentation on the labs will be provided to the students for practice after the class. Corellium access will also be provided to students during the duration of the training course. Students will also be provided access to Slack channel where the trainers will help prepare them for the class, and the students can retain access to it for the foreseeable future.

Who Should Take This Course

This course is for vulnerability researchers, penetration testers, mobile developers, or anyone keen to learn more about the iOS operating system.
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