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Webservices & API Security

Webservices and APIs have become an essential part of most businesses today. They provide a way for different systems to communicate with each other, and allow businesses to expose data and functionality to partners and customers. Application logic and sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are often exposed through APIs, making them a prime target for attackers. With the increasing use of webservices and APIs in IoT, autonomous vehicles, and other critical applications, proper security testing is more important than ever.

Our consultants have an in-depth expertise in exploiting well documented API as well as reverse engineering and fuzzing custom API. This allows us to identify security vulnerabilities and recommend corrective action.

There are many challenges involved in webservices & API security such as lack of standardization, lack of documentation, complex architectures, etc. Lack of standardization means that there are many different ways of doing things and it is difficult to know which one is the right way. Lack of documentation makes it difficult to understand how the webservice & API works. Complex architectures make it difficult to identify and fix security vulnerabilities.

At 8kSec, our webservice and API security testing services can help you identify vulnerabilities and minimize the risk of attack. Our experienced consultants will work with you to conduct comprehensive assessments, identify potential weaknesses, and recommend solutions for improving security. With our help, you can address security issues before they’re exploited by hackers.



Our Senior Technical Partner will reach out to you to discuss the scope of work. They will walk you through the various services that would be suitable for your use case.


Our Senior Technical Partner will work with the 8kSec Head of Services to plan the best resource allocation for the specific engagement. You will receive a competitive quote, a detailed Statement of Work, and engagement timelines.


If you choose to decide to retain us for the project, our engagement manager will help share the logistical information related to the engagement. They will be your technical point of contact for the engagement and your liaison with our assigned pentest engineer.


For the duration of the pentest, we will share regular updates and point out high-risk issues as soon as they are found. A Final report will be generated with all the detailed steps to reproduce and mitigate the vulnerabilities found during the engagement.