At 8kSec, our employees come first before everything else. We are searching for innovative thinkers with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to collaborate and grow together in the technology space. You will work with the world’s most talented engineers, developers, thought leaders etc. You will be challenged every day and work on something meaningful while learning new skills. If this sounds exciting to you, we’d love to meet you.


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Our workforce’s rich cultural diversity and cumulative experience give us insights into how we can continue growing, innovating, and moving forward with even greater capacity to serve customers’ needs today and tomorrow.

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Our Culture

Our Values

Our culture is based on the values of independence, adaptability, and trust, producing a varied, welcoming, and encouraging workplace that encourages our employees to push the envelope whenever feasible.

Our Vision

Our mission is to create disruptive technologies in Cyber security while at the same time not losing focus on innovation and fostering a new way of thinking internally.

Our Future

We are currently in the process of transforming our organization to one that’s even more committed to innovation and fostering a new way of thinking internally.

Our Mission

Our goal is to keep our commitment to provide safety and security to some of the biggest, most powerful corporations in the world and, by extension, the billions of individuals that use their services globally.

Want to Build Your career at Cyber security?

We are an independent company that thrives on innovation and disruption. We believe in trust, not bureaucracy. We focus on personal growth, not status reports. And we value team work, not the primacy of individual contributors. To put it simply, our culture is a big part of why our employees love working at 8ksec. It’s what makes coming to work enjoyable every day and drives us to continue innovating as a company. At 8ksec, we are committed to innovation, research and development. We have an open culture in which employees feel comfortable sharing ideas and making suggestions. This is the foundation of our company’s success. 

If you want to build your career in this exciting field, we’d like to hear from you.


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