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Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure pentesting, also known as network pentesting or a security assessment, is the process of gaining intelligence of an organization’s infrastructure in order to find holes in their security. This can include anything from finding publicly exposed systems to tracking and monitoring data leaks.

8kSec’s infrastructure pentesting services provide you with an in-depth, targeted security assessment of your Internet and Intranet facing networks. Our team of experts have years of experience in network pentesting and can use a variety of custom and commercial tools to perform reconnaissance on your product infrastructure. We utilize our proprietary infrastructure assessment methodology to identify potential hack points and vulnerabilities. By having 8kSec conduct a security assessment of your infrastructure, you can be confident that any potential weaknesses will be identified and addressed. Contact us today to learn more about our infrastructure pentesting services.

The goal of an infrastructure pentest is not simply to find vulnerabilities, but also to help the company understand how a real attacker would think and act. This information can then be used to improve the company’s security defenses so that they are better prepared for a real attack.

During an infrastructure pentest, out consultants will try to gain access to the company’s systems and data in the same way that a real attacker would. This includes methods such as social engineering, brute force attacks, and network exploitation using known & less known attack vectors. Once our team has gained access to the system, they will then try to escalate their privileges in order to gain more control over the system based on the target scope.



Our Senior Technical Partner will reach out to you to discuss the scope of work. They will walk you through the various services that would be suitable for your use case.


Our Senior Technical Partner will work with the 8kSec Head of Services to plan the best resource allocation for the specific engagement. You will receive a competitive quote, a detailed Statement of Work, and engagement timelines.


If you choose to decide to retain us for the project, our engagement manager will help share the logistical information related to the engagement. They will be your technical point of contact for the engagement and your liaison with our assigned pentest engineer.


For the duration of the pentest, we will share regular updates and point out high-risk issues as soon as they are found. A Final report will be generated with all the detailed steps to reproduce and mitigate the vulnerabilities found during the engagement.

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