The Application of Reinforcement Learning in Cyber Security | 8kSec Blogs

At 8ksec, we are dedicated to developing cutting-edge security technologies that help our clients protect their critical assets. One of the areas we are focused on is the development of a next-generation vulnerability scanning tool. Vulnerability scanning tools have been around for many years, but despite their widespread use, they still have some limitations. For […]

ARM64 Reversing and Exploitation Part 3 – A Simple ROP Chain | 8kSec Blogs

Return-oriented programming (ROP) allows an attacker to execute code in the presence of security defenses such as executable space protection and code signing using ROP Gadgets. More details about ROP can be found here. In this blog post, we will be writing a ROP Chain for the rop binary. The binaries for this article can be found here. Your […]

ARM64 Reversing and Exploitation Part 2 – Use After Free | 8kSec Blogs

In this blog post, we will be exploiting a Use-after-free vulnerability in the vuln binary. The binaries for this and the next article can be found here. This UaF challenge is based on the one used by Protostar Use-after-free vulnerabilities occurs on the use of heap allocated memory after it has been freed. This can lead to several unexpected behaviours, […]