Private Trainings​

Training Details

  • Training Length – 2 or 3 Days
  • Venue – Virtual / On-Site 

 What Will Students Learn 

  • Introduction to Rust 
  • Intro to Memory corruption vulnerabilities
  • Memory management with Rust (Ownership, Borrowing etc)
  • Architecting a large program in Rust 
  • Writing a command line application in Rust
  • Writing an HTTP server with Rust
  • Exploit writing 101 with Rust
  • Writing your first n-day with Rust
  • Writing web application security tools with Rust
  • Writing shellcodes in Rust
  • Writing memory-safe code in Rust
  • Auditing Rust code for vulnerabilities

Course Description

Rust is a programming language that focuses on safety, speed, and concurrency. It is a systems programming language that has been designed to be a replacement for C and C++. However, it can be used for writing both client-side and server-side applications, with the ability to run on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. It is indeed the perfect language for offensive security because it offers safety without sacrificing performance. The goal in this training is to teach students how to create their own offensive tools using Rust that run with amazing accuracy and speed. Students will learn about the basics of Rust by creating simple tools such as password crackers, directory brute forcers, HTTP servers, port scanners as well as more advanced topics such as crafting their own shellcodes, writing a binary analysis tool, writing n-day exploits etc.

At the same time, what makes Rust so special is that it has been designed with security in mind, and this makes it an excellent choice for developers who are writing code that needs to run securely, such as code that interacts with the operating system or hardware. It is considered as  “memory safe” language as it addresses one of the most common programming errors in C-based languages: memory corruption vulnerabilitiesIt is also known for its powerful type inference and its amazing error messages. In this course, we will also learn how to use all these powerful features of Rust to write code that is inherently secure and efficient. 

Who Should Take This Course

  • This course is ideal for penetration testers, application developers, security researchers, kernel developers, or anyone keen to understand the fundamentals of writing Rust code, writing their offensive security tools,  as well as harness the power of Rust to write memory-safe code. Prior programming experience is not required for this course. We offer both a 2-day and 3-day version for this course, depending on your requirements. 
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