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The Offensive Mobile Security Expert (OMSE) Certification is a premier opportunity to showcase your unparalleled expertise in the intricacies of iOS and Android operating systems, spanning Userland and Kernel components. This certification signifies your ability to decipher Vulnerability Reports and conduct comprehensive Vulnerability Research (VR) using specialized tools within these platforms.

Exam Duration : 48 hours

Acquire Essential Training Before Certification

Offensive Mobile Reversing and exploitation

This course covers ARM64, mobile browser security, and detailed Mobile apps and operating system security.

After this course students will be able to Reverse engineer ARM64 code, iOS and Android binaries (Apps and system binaries) and bypass anti-debugging and obfuscation techniques. Have an understanding of the various bug categories on Android and iOS systems. They’ll get a detailed walkthrough on using IDA Pro, Hopper, Frida, etc. Be able to audit iOS and Android apps for security vulnerabilities, and exploit ARM binaries

Who Should Take This Course?
This course is for penetration testers, mobile developers or anyone keen to learn mobile application security, and wants to get started in OS exploitation.


Virtualized Hardware Devices

During the exam, we will be providing you access to Corellium. This sophisticated platform offers an impeccably seamless and dynamic virtual environment, tailored for the execution of practical evaluations on virtualized ARM devices encompassing both iOS and Android ecosystems. With access to Corellium, you will emulate the authentic interaction experienced with physical devices, enabling you to proficiently navigate various introspection tools, scrutinize system and kernel logs, inspect intricate file systems, dissect system calls, and analyze network traffic - all in real time.

As part of the preparatory process, a comprehensive orientation on Corellium's utilization will be provided, accompanied by a pre-configured environment equipped with all requisite custom tools, affording you the opportunity to channel your focus exclusively towards the substantive aspects of the examination.

With you every step of the way

Stand out as a proficient and practical Offensive Mobile Security Expert by immersing yourself in real-world labs, mastering technical intricacies, and honing your skills in comprehensive vulnerability research.

Real-World Labs for Practical Mastery

Our certification program offers hands-on labs that mirror real-world scenarios, immersing you in the intricacies of iOS and Android systems. By simulating actual vulnerabilities and attack vectors, you'll gain practical mastery,

Unparalleled Technical Depth

You'll dissect vulnerabilities, understand their underlying mechanics, and learn how to effectively exploit them. This technical depth sets you apart as a true expert in mobile security, capable of unraveling the most intricate security issues.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Research (VR)

Our labs equip you with specialized tools and methodologies to conduct thorough Vulnerability Research (VR) on mobile platforms. You'll navigate the dynamic landscape of mobile security, gaining the skills needed to uncover vulnerabilities and devise effective strategies for mitigation

How does it work ?

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Elevate your skills and stand out from the crowd with this certification, unlocking new opportunities and showcasing your dedication to continuous growth


This certification is designed for seasoned penetration testers, security researchers, and mobile enthusiasts passionate about uncovering and exploiting vulnerabilities within mobile systems.

While prior experience is helpful, the OMSE certification program is designed to accommodate various skill levels.

The preparation time for the Certification can vary, as it depends on your individual learning pace and level of engagement. On average, participants who are studying independently tend to spend a few months preparing. This includes time for both theoretical learning and hands-on lab exercises.

No, taking a training is not mandatory. However, the training helps significantly in preparation for the exam.

No, we will provide you access to our Lab environment and an instruction guide during the exam.

Once you submit your report, one of the members of our review board will review the report and provide with the results in 3 business days.


Please share with us the project requirements and the goals you want to achieve,  and one of our sales representatives will contact you within one business day.

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