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Advanced Frida Usage Part 2 – Analyzing Signal and Telegram messages on iOS | 8kSec Blogs

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Introduction In this blog post, we will explore the message objects in two popular chat applications: Signal and Telegram. We’ll take similar technical approaches to analyze them, and also learn how to inspect Swift strings, which differ from typical object types. Get ready for a straightforward yet insightful exploration into the world of chat application […]

iOS Deep Link Attacks Part 1 – Introduction | 8kSec Blogs


Introduction In Part 1 of this series on iOS Deep link attacks, we will explore how to recognize various types of deep link schemas used in iOS apps and identify potential vulnerabilities associated with them. The focus of this part will be to describe the different types of schemas and explain methods for identifying them. […]

Advanced Frida Usage Part 1 – iOS Encryption Libraries | 8kSec Blogs


Introduction Welcome to Part 1 of Advanced Frida Series. In this series, we will look at how we can unleash the power of Frida to do some advanced analysis of apps and daemons. The first part will dive into an analysis of a third party iOS library used for data encryption. iOS applications sometimes want […]